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    Plan your Cool Route journey on our interactive guide containing all the information you need to know about the Cool Route.


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    Logistics and business potential of a yacht cruising route along the Northern Periphery Area.


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Ranked as the Most Adventurous Cruising Route in the World

The Cool Route Cruising Ground, described in the International Yachting Press as the World’s Most Adventurous Cruising Ground, is one of the most attractive coastlines globally and stretches from Cork, in the South of Ireland to Western and Northern Ireland, on to Western Scotland and then to the Faroe Islands and to Tromso, in Western Norway.

The Most Adventurous Cruising Route in the World

A route brochure and invitation to visit is available as a booklet please  click here  

The objective of the Cool Route Project , co-financed by the Interreg Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme  was to strengthen the market reach and customer base for SMEs in remote communities, develop an exclusive product package to attract high end customers, develop a joint marketing strategy and ICT solution and design a marketing model focusing on “place based” development opportunities for a very wide range of  tourism, activity holidays, cultural and heritage attractions, local produce, crafts, restaurants and marine services.

The Cool Route Project, now entering its final phase has successfully delivered all of its objectives. Click links below to see more.

  • The Route, as a tangible tourism product has secured wide international recognition
  • Partners have completed detailed analysis of all of its logistical aspects
  • Cool Route Strategic Marketing Strategies  have led to successful international engagements with global players in marine tourism
  • Significant engagements have taken place with coastal enterprises with new produces and services introduced
  • Visits by  private vessels, superyachts and liners have increased throughout the route, where 40 new marinas and pontoons have been developed over the past three years.
  • The Route Business Plan was produced and secured its intended objectives
  • The Route Information and Booking System is fully operational and enterprises are invited to continue self-registrations here 
  • The Cool Route Video Channel is operational and provides a great overview of the route
  • A promotional video for the entire route is here
  • Wide dissemination of the project has been achieved with over 2,000 followers on its Facebook and Twitter  Platforms
  • Plans and arrangements are now in place for the continuation of the work of the project after September 2018. The project will be making public announcements on these developments within the next six months. This may involve an extension of the Route into the North Sea and Baltic  Sea, incrementally upgrading our role in marketing all Northern European Waters for Marine Tourism and bringing new economic opportunities to many thousands of coastal enterprises.

Full details of all analyses, studies and reports are available from the Studies and Reports Area of this website.