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Enterprises invited to register on Cool Route Information and Booking System

The Cool Route recently selected as the most adventurous cruising ground in the world is building and Information and booking system to help sailors to plan the land side of their cruising experience.

The system is map based, firstly highlighting all of the Cool Route stopover locations and then providing different layers of information on facilities such as direct marine related operations, such as boatyards, sailmakers or mechanical services. Following that the system provides map based links to local enterprises in the vicinity of ports. These enterprises can range from cafes, to distilleries,   local activities such as walks, art classes, whale watching or other tours. It includes museums and galleries, food stores or fuel supplier, in fact just about everything a crew of a cruising yacht might require.

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A screen grab shows how the system will highlight registered enterprises

Registration on the system is free of charge and quick and easy, as it will automatically map your location and give you your own sectoral legend. An important aspect of the free service is that once a user looks at your business on line, the information and booking stem will automatically and immediately bring that person to your own website- so the information and contact details are always up to date. Many enterprises are getting in a quick offer as soon as the legend is selected- restaurants for example have offered pick- ups from the marina, shops are offering grocery deliveries and a popular hotel chain is offering Cool Route Breakfast deals, leisure centres are doing special deals for visiting sailors. In fact the possibilities are endless!

The route is now successfully attracting increasing numbers of superyachts.  Product demands can be unusual, to say the least.  Take the yacht that needed 500 white roses delivered for the dining room or the one that wanted two hundred-weight of frozen stakes- all in a day’s work for a Purser on board one of these vessels,  that can easily cost €800,000 a week to charter.

As a coastal enterprise- Are you in a position to get some of this high end business?

Small liners are also beginning to ply the route. These ships may have 100 passengers and for these visitors the Cool Route offers a highly experiential holiday- maybe it’s a day trip to a local museum, pulling pints in the local pub or joining in an authentic music session.  Again tell us what’s on offer- as the route information system will also help cruise operators on where to stop. You don’t need to have big jetty as both superyachts and liners will ferry passengers to your local marina or pontoon.

There are challenges and one of them is the lack of facilities in many coastal locations to leave recycling or waste. That need is a business opportunity in itself.

In short, the Cool Route is gaining global recognition,  This week  BBC News ran a feature on it.

The route was developed with a single focus- to bring new business opportunities to local coastal enterprises. As a local enterprises or community interested in building Marine Tourism – we want your engagement.

Please note that before going on line your product, service or activity will be reviewed for suitability.

Registration on the booking and information system only takes a few minutes – click here to proceed and be sure to say what your unique offering is

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