The Cool Route project investigates all aspects of the practical logistics and business potential to establish a bi-directional yacht cruising route along the western offshore areas of the Northern Periphery Area, stretching from Co. Cork in the South of Ireland, to the UK (Northern Ireland and Western Scotland) and onwards to the Faroe Islands and Norway.

As an eco-tourism product, exploiting the natural resources of the zone in a manner that is sustainable and environmentally viable; this new sea route will be marketed internationally and will have a common branding, booking and information system. The project will also address the future legacy of its work; by ensuring that the Cool Route continues as a viable self-financing economic entity, following the completion of the project.


  • Strengthen the market reach and customer base for SMEs in remote communities
  • Develop an exclusive product package to attract high end customers
  • Develop a joint marketing strategy and ICT solution and cooperation on the logistics of overcoming barriers due to distance
  • Design a marketing model focussing on “place based” development opportunities which also provides opportunities for promoting additional spin off activities – such as whale watching, walking tours, traditional music evenings, cultural events, photographic tours etc.


  • Production of a detailed logistical plan for the overall cruising ground, including a gap analysis in terms of current facilities
  • Production of a detailed business plan
  • Production of a detailed marketing plan
  • Addressing all the practicalities, financial, marketing and commercialisation aspects of the route design and realisation of an integrated IT based booking system for different facilities throughout the route


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