Cool Route at Sea Scotland Conference, 21st June 17

Cool Route partner, GCU attended the Sea Scotland conference on 21st June 2017 which took place at Discovery Point in Dundee. The conference brought together key actors to facilitate dialogue on critical issues facing the marine enviGiancarlo 2ronment and discuss marine policy and management in Scotland.

It was a great opportunity to learn about the sustainable development of Scotland marine environments from a wide range of marine stakeholders, including sectorial conservation bodies, academics and international experts along with national government and regulatory authorities.

Themes such as the implications of the vote to leave the EU on environmental policy in the marine area were discussed along how to secure continued progress to sustainable development.

Giancarlo 1From then the session focussed on tourism and recreation themes what emerged was the need for the presence of at least ‘25 miles apart’ stepping stones in term of provision of marine services on the coast of Scotland. Interestingly, this is in line with the distance metric utilised in the Gap Study undertaken by GCU for the Cool Route project.

Furthermore, community involvement and environmental schemes such as the ‘White Scheme’ and ‘Green Blue’ were mentioned as important initiatives for marine operators to be involved in procedures from recycling to insulation and greening events. Importantly, this reinforces the importance of the aspect of sustainability which has also been included in the Facility Design Study by GCU which explored various practical implications related to environmentally friendly management of waste.




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