Cool Route Seeks Partners to Tackle Marine Litter

P1050911--webRecent international research has shown that a significant and worrying  proportion of all marine litter in the North Atlantic is eventually being carried by prevailing ocean currents into the Arctic Ocean. Plastics and other waste ends up on remote fragile shorelines and is eventually trapped within the northern ice sheet.  Shorelines along the Gulf Stream are major contributors of floating garbage, which is accumulating on otherwise pristine Arctic shorelines

Technology used in the Cool Route’s information and booking system can readily be used to coordinate the mapping and collection of marine plastic and other non organic waste found on Cool Route shorelines and coastal waters.

Working on developing a new project with the objective of achieving  Clean Inter-regional Coastal Ecologies – “Clean ICE”,  we hope, subject to project approval, to use our mapping and networking tools already developed to create a transregional network of communities , enterprises and individuals committed to the collection of shoreline and sea borne waste to:

  • Clean our local Cool Route coastlines 
  • Prevent the accumulation of waste drifting towards its eventual Arctic destination
  • Create a large networked group of activists and social media supporters dedicated to supporting CLEAN ICE

We are now putting out a call for Associate Partner Organisations, (legal entities)  who will collaborate in the CLEAN ICE project , in organising the work of beach and inshore cleaning in their local areas and also assist in dissemination of the work of the CLEAN ICE project.  The cloned Cool Route mapping resource will bring a high level of connectivity and networking to a highly connected international effort to clean up the shorelines throughout the North Atlantic, before the waste makes its way into the Arctic Circle.

At this pre-startup stage we are only seeking the involvement of formal organisations, the next phase will be the recruitment of individuals, who are interested as being registered as active local users. 

If you are located in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, The Faroe Islands, Norway or Sweden and think that you can help with the foregoing by becoming an Associate Partner please email: with the words CLEAN ICE in the subject line.

Please also retweet this link:…le-marine-litter/



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