Dutch Masters in more ways than one as Holland’s superyacht yards set new records for market value and share

Regular readers may recall that Cool Route recently ran an article on developing unique experiences for  superyacht owners and guests. These people are very interested in discovering unique experiences, as they sail the most stunning areas of the world.

We gave an example of superyacht guests having an opportunity in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum to enjoy a private dinner party, while seated under the 14×12 ft. painting of The Night Watch, by Rembrandt van Rijn.

Dinner with the Night Watch is truly a unique experience, but one we believe can be matched in different areas of the World’s Most Adventurous Cruising Ground- The Cool Route.

Whatever about Old Dutch Masters, the New Dutch Masters of superyacht building are heading for global domination of this multi-billion euro industry.

HISWA The Holland Yachting Group, based in Amsterdam, has just reported very strong  growth statistics for last year. The HISWA Group, representing the Dutch Superyacht Builders are becoming world leaders for constructing beautiful and exciting new vessels for this fastly expanding sector.

The steady stream of superyachts being launched in Holland is the most visible sign of the prominence of the Dutch superyacht industry. Now, with the release of the industry statistics for 2017, there are some impressive hard facts to back up a story of ongoing growth. The Dutch saw their market share in the total value of global superyacht deliveries rise from 21.6% in 2016 to almost 30% in 2017, an increase of 7.6% on the 2016 figure. With 21 superyachts launched for owners around the world in 2017 and 23 new orders taken, there is much more to come in the years ahead.

The statistics contained in the annual Superyacht IQ report are keenly anticipated by industry watchers around the world as they give a clear factual picture of developments that cuts through the commercial noise. While the superyacht sector is seen as revolving around luxury and comfort by the wider public, owners and their representatives are also keen to know where the best value can be attained. The latest figures illustrate that the unrivalled cost-to-quality offered by the Dutch superyacht cluster is becoming ever more apparent to those who invest in their pleasure.

In essence, the Dutch are selling more superyachts at a higher total value, while also steadily increasing their market share over the past five years. The 21 deliveries over 30 metres made in 2017 were by ten different yards. The superyachts concerned had a total value of €1.19 billion, which translates into an average price of €57 million per superyacht (an increase of almost 10%). It is also the highest total value recorded to date.

Compared to 2016, these figures represent a growth of almost 17% (from 18 to 21 deliveries) and 28% (from €927 million to €1.19 billion). The number of new orders over 30 metres in length also rose by almost 28%, from 18 to 23, with 22 being for motor yachts and one for a sailing yacht

Turning to the global picture, the estimated total value of the 149 completed yachts over 30 metres in 2017 was €4.08 billion. With their figure of €1.19 billion, the Dutch superyacht yards now have a value market share of 29.2%, up from 21.6% in 2016. Holland’s proportion of the global market in terms of the number of deliveries grew from 11.2% in 2016 to 14.1% in 2017.

“Our association is very much focused on the exclusivity of our group, ensuring that we represent the leading Dutch firms in each of their respective fields” according to Jeroen Sirag, Export Director HISWA Holland Yachting Group. “We offer a strong and unified face to the outside world though our wide range of shared export activities. Building on the stability that allowed the Dutch superyacht sector to come though the turbulent times relatively unscathed, our members are now investing in the future with confidence.”

One example of these investments is the new yard that Feadship is due to open in Amsterdam next year. “Other yards and suppliers are also in talks with the Port of Amsterdam as they look to enhance their presence in the Dutch capital,” adds Sirag. “Add in our plans to establish Amsterdam more firmly as a major destination for superyachts heading through northern Europe and the Baltic and it is clear that Holland as a country is more than ever living up to its reputation as the world’s Yacht Valley.”

Cool Route is very pleased that the superyacht industry  has identified the attractiveness of Northern Europe as a superyacht destination- that’s what Cool Route predicted two years ago, when we issued the route superyacht invitation 

Superyachts  have already started visiting the  Cool Route, now widely recognised as the World’s Most Adventurous Cruising Ground – expect many more!

Importantly, think about what enterprises, museums or others  on the Cool Route can offer in our combined Rich Celtic and Viking Heritage, to maximise the potential and benefits of this lucrative and highly sustainable sector to our coastal communities.



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