S.V. Linden Offers Unique Experiences in Arctic Voyaging on the Cool Route


Eliah Lillis is a photo-journalist, documentarian and photographic artist currently based on board the SV Linden, which I and NPA colleagues had the pleasure of visiting earlier this year in Copenhagen, before she embarked for her summer charters in northern waters. This is truly a beautiful vessel and provides the most unique experiences for her passengers who are also welcome to work as crew. Eliah has kindly provided the Cool Route with the following article and photos of  the   S.V. Linden and the ship’s recent adventures, not only from a geographically perspective, but in sustainability and environmental friendliness.





Pictures show the Linden making her passage north close to the Norwegian coastline, crew preparing for a sail host, the ships starboard deck and riggings, work in the ship’s plant laboratory.

The Norwegian coastline and its many fjords are a classic destination for cruises. A somewhat different sailing trip took place in April when the Sailing Vessel Linden made its way from Svenborg, Denmark to its destination of Svalbard, via the beautiful and rugged landscape of Norway. The Linden is an exact replica of a 1920 vessel of the same name, and is currently the largest 3 masted wooden schooner in Europe. The replica vessel, built in 1993, led a busy life in the 90’s and early 2000’s chartering, but after some challenges was sailed to Finland and lived the last few years as a floating restaurant. With a new owner came new ideas, and the Linden was put on dry dock for a major refurbishment. After many months of work, a crew was found and the Linden set sail in late March.

During the voyage, much work continued on the ship, both regular maintenance, and new additions added, such as a box to house ski gear, preparing the vessel for its renewed role as an adventure expedition sailing charter in Svalbard. Another important aspect of its new life is the push for it to be as sustainable as possible.

A greenhouse has been built inside the ship, with its entire contents edible. Sprouts, Mushrooms and other edibles grow together in a corner of the main saloon. A drying cabinet has been added to the main deck for hunted meat and fishing. The ship travels by sail whenever possible, and when it’s not, the amount of fuel used is counted so that it may be carbon offset later on. Plans for solar additions, and better use of the heat from the generator and engine are being discussed. This aspect of sustainability is a major component of the voyage, and it is hoped it will be a leading example to other charters. An expedition in its true sense, much of the work undertaken is experimental and being developed as the trip continues

After more than a month at sea, the Linden arrived in Svalbard, and has begun chartered tours. It will remain there for the summer season and then head south down The Cool Route and further beyond.

Follow the story of the Linden at ‘Friends of SV Linden’ facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/408774256232498/ Or on instagram at sv_linden

Many thanks Eliah and everyone at the Cool Route wish you, Captain Jacobsen and all crew members  aboard S.V. Linden fair winds and every success in your adventures on the World’s Most Adventurous cruising grounds.

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