Scotland’s 2020 themed Year of Coast and Waters

Caley-Cruisers-01-1-630x400Scotland’s Themed Years have been running since 2009. Themed Years have been providing a strong collaborative platform across industry to promote Scotland and its people and encouraging the events and festivals sector to develop new and exciting programmes to appeal to both visitors and locals.

A few months back this year, it was publicly announced that 2020 will celebrate the Year of Scotland’s Coast and Waters, led by VisitScotland. With more than 6,160 miles  of coastline in Scotland, countless wonderful lochs, canals and rivers 2020 promises to be a fantastic year for people to focus on the country’s natural assets. The 2020 theme will support Scotland’s marine and coastal tourism sector, as well as the marine tourism strategy ‘Awakening the Giant’.

fishplate sea

From a Cool Route perspective, the 2020 Scotland’s themed Year reinforces the scope of the project and the relevance of the activities undertaken to support a sector and assets deemed strategic at national level. Both private and public operators can clearly see the opportunity represented by the Scotland’s 2020 themed Year of Coast and Waters, as a particular time to enhance and showcase their services and products.

Spanning from yacht charters, to water sport operators, sea life watching tours to sea food producers and vendors, the activities, products and experiences that Scottish operators cater are several and diverse. This opportunity for publicity and profile-raising can’t certainly be missed by Scotland’s operators and local organisations.


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