The project has a number of outputs in terms of studies and reports such as a Study of the physical logistics of the route, with a gap analysis in terms of missing facilities; a Marketing Plan for the route to develop global interest in the attractiveness of this cruising area; a Business Plan for the route addressing the business potential which it can generate; an Online Booking System, which will allow clients to book any of the direct marine or shore side facilities or activities and finally a Commercialisation Plan with a view to the continued legacy of the Cool Route following the completion of the project , in early 2018.

The partners leading on these work packages are:

Logistic Plan, Technical Design, Safety and LogisticsGCU
Cool Route Marketing PlanRCYC
Cool Route Business PlanCIT
Design of the Online Booking systemD+SDC
Cool Route – Realisation and Commercialisation PlanBSM

An important element of  developing the Cool Route Marketing and Business Plans is the Route Traffic Study , which was recently adopted and is available here: The Cool Route Traffic Study Adopted.  and also The Cool Route Cruising Preferences Survey which is available here: The Cool Route Report on Cruising Preferences Survey June 2016. Glasgow Caledonia University (GCU) have also completed a Gap Analysis of the Cool Route and a Facilities Design Study.

Cool Route Marketing Strategy: Project partners have now published the Cool Route Marketing Strategy, which is available for download here

Cool Route wishes to acknowledge the valuable research and logistical support being made available to the project by providing immediate access to information on thousands of vessels worldwide.