Attention all Enterprises-Superyachts are Sailing for the Cool Route

As work on phase 1 of the Cool Route comes to a close after 36 months, some very exciting new developments are taking place. The route has been promoted very widely and this work is now paying dividends as the coastlines between Cork in Southern Ireland, via Western and Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Faroe Islands and Norway have achieved a brand recognition within all sectors of the cruising industry. The Cool Route is now registered as a European Trademark. Licencing of the trademark is possible.

faithOne keynote sector of cruising is that of superyachts, which up to recently had a number of well well defined visiting locations, such as the Mediterranean and Caribbean. In fact Cool Route’s Study with Skippers of superyachts  clearly suggested that there is a strong  element of deja-vu with these locations and more adventurous cruising, such as that presented by the Cool Route was required. Following on that study the Cool Route produced an invitational brochure to superyachts,  please click here to view   Shortly afterwards Boat International which is perhaps the most prestigious yachting Magazine on the planet, described the Cool Route as The Most Adventurous Cruising Ground in the World

Many more superyachts are on the way read this article to learn more. HISWA The Holland Yachting Group is one of the world largest superyacht players, representing 12 Royal Dutch Shipyards and associated Industry partners, HISWA is well on the way to achieve its ambitions to make Amsterdam a world hub for superyachts and has just published:

“Positioned strategically between the Atlantic and the Baltic, the Dutch capital is the perfect starting point for the increasingly popular route to Ireland and the UK, Scandinavia including the Norwegian Fjords, St. Petersburg and beyond. HISWA Holland Yachting Group and Port of Amsterdam will attend this year’s Monaco Yacht Show to present Amsterdam as a superyacht destination as a part of the Holland Pavilion.”

Superyachts require very high standards of service, their guests  crave exclusivity and unique experiences. Enterprises are invited to think of what new exclusive and unique experiences can be developed on the Cool Route. Already we provide some of the most beautiful areas of the world, filled with wildlife, where superyacht guests will be immersed in nature – what else can we produce for them by way of commercial offerings?

The Cool Route Information and Booking System permits enterprises to self register products and services. The system which is map based and related to local ports,is free to use.

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