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Cool Route Seeks Partners to Tackle Marine Litter

Recent international research has shown that a significant and worrying  proportion of all marine litter in the North Atlantic is eventually being carried by prevailing ocean currents into the Arctic Ocean. Plastics and other waste ends up on remote fragile shorelines and is eventually trapped within the northern ice sheet.  Shorelines along the Gulf Stream are major contributors […]

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S.V. Linden Offers Unique Experiences in Arctic Voyaging on the Cool Route

Eliah Lillis is a photo-journalist, documentarian and photographic artist currently based on board the SV Linden, which I and NPA colleagues had the pleasure of visiting earlier this year in Copenhagen, before she embarked for her summer charters in northern waters. This is truly a beautiful vessel and provides the most unique experiences for her […]

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Small Craft Training for Voyaging in Arctic Waters

While the Cool Route does not extend into the frozen zones of the Arctic, a report produced in 2014, by Cork Institute of Technology colleague, Professor John Barrett, co-financed under the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme’s Small Craft Emergency Response and Survival Training for Arctic Conditions (SMACS) Project,  provides a very valuable addition to the […]

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