Tórshavn Welcomes Start of Season


The 22nd of March marked the beginning of the summer in Tórshavn. While still early in terms of calendar days, the Port of Tórshavn (a partner in the Cool Route Project) positioned the foreign guest pontoons in its prime location, thus signalling the start of the season 2018.Annfinn1

‘The past couple of years we have seen a steady growth of visiting foreign yachts’ stated Annfinn Hjelm from the Harbour office.  He further indorsed their involvement in the Cool Route project by saying “we firmly believe that spreading the word of the marine facilities in our beautiful Capital in projects like the “Cool Route” will most likely increase the number of guests even more’.

Mr. Annfinn2Hjelm ends by saying that “some of the visitors are regulars, who always enjoy Torshavn for a couple of days on their way to or from Iceland, while others have only recently discovered the gem in the North Atlantic.

In 2017 more than 500 guests from well over 100 yachts from 15 different nations visited Tórshavn.

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