Port of Torshavn

Record Year in Torshavn

Torshavan port

This summer turned out to be another record year for sailing yachts in Port of Torshavn – a proud participant of the Sail Cool Route project.

Whether it is the pristine scenery, its unique location or just a convenient stopover, is left unsaid, however, ever since the introduction of the Cool Route project started a couple of years ago, Torshavn have experienced growth in the sailing yacht segment.

Faroe Islands‘The seafarers are pleasant visitors, who add to the atmosphere in the marina’, marketing manager, Annfinn Hjelm explains. ‘It is not really a segment we previously have offered much attention, but we are witnessing a growth, and the potential is definitely for increased traffic, which we would love to welcome’.


The Port of Tórshavn:

The Port of Tórshavn (Tórshavnar havn) is the largest and busiest of the many harbours dotted throughout the Faroe Islands. As a thriving port with a truly international outlook, Tórshavn offers an unrivalled concentration of quality maritime services and expertise.  More information on the facilities on offer in the Port can be found on http://www.portoftorshavn.comChart Faroe


The Cool Route Project is funded through the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme, under the Interreg IVB NPA Programme.

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